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These comics take place in the same world, but they are all standalone. The time period and location vary across stories. The same rules of magic, some of which are on the World page, apply equally.

Pepper the Potion Witch
This story chronicles the struggles a young witch faces after leaving her coven and setting out on her own path. Along the way, she learns that not all friendly faces are true… (2017.)
Pepper pages 1-10 Pepper pages 11-20 Pepper pages 21-30 Pepper pages 31-40 Pepper pages 41-50
Fog and memories threaten to suffocate residents and returnees of a land of mountains. Will anyone cut through the clouds and haze to clear skies? (2017.)
Diora part 1 Diora part 2 Diora part 3 Diora part 4 Diora part 5 Diora part 6 Diora part 7 Diora part 8
Letters to Toast
Yogurt the earth sorcerer finds a mysterious scar and a bag of letters. As she seeks out answers to the past, emotions run deeper than she expected... (2018.)
Toast pages 1-10 Toast pages 11-20 Toast pages 21-30 Toast pages 31-40
To Become a Witch
Egg desperately loves witches’ magic, funding various witches around town. But her real goal is to become a witch herself and create new magical items. Yet no one around her – not her bodyguard, not her friends – will lead her to a demon to make a contract. Dangerous people prey on witches in this area… Will Egg become a witch and at what cost? (2018.)
Note: may contain scary elements for kids.
To Become a Witch pages 1-10 To Become a Witch pages 11-20 To Become a Witch pages 21-30 To Become a Witch pages 31-40