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drawing of Pepper, a character

Make a contract with a demon and begin your new life as a witch. Just make sure to return with something to feed the demon- they're hungry. You’ll work hard at learning one of three ancient paths of magical commodity creation. Along the way, perhaps you’ll join a coven or sell your wares alone.
Or, draw magic from the powers of nature, and walk the path of a sorcerer. Master one of four paths, and hope to find work in a society fearful of your hexes and charms. You may have magic ready for war, but society is peaceful and unlikely to seek your dangerous talents.
Neither is required of you. You can remain a Plain, with no access to magic. Many people choose to pursue other goals.
Incantation  is a series of comics about another world, where the choice to wield magic powers brings not just discovery and a different station in society, but also unique challenges and no end to troubles. These comics follow witches and sorcerers alike as they manage their magic and take big steps in society and life.
Latest comic: To Become a Witch